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Gookin.co.uk is a fresh, reletively new company that brings together the skills of a talented collective of creative people. Our business model is very straightforward. Earlier in our development, we became aware of the growing need for a website service that could be made accessible to those with limited budgets. Of course, there are always means to achieve an online presence using the talents of the office junior or someone in the family. But your business should be represented to the highest possible standards because it reflects back on your entire image. We specialize in creating a fully-supported website design and maintenance service principally for those companies and organizations, even individuals, who want a professional, intelligent and impressive presence on the internet at the lowest possible cost.

Service for all


We encountered a charity with an appalling website that failed even to function properly. This simply meant that those people it was trying to reach out and help were not able to access the important information they needed. However, 98% of charities operate with an ANNUAL budget of LESS than £1,900! Often staffed and oprerated by volunteers, charities like this are unable to access professional web design, not to mention the ongoing support required to keep the site tended and relevant. By offering our free design principal we were able to get the charity online in a short space of time and even provided free photography. As a result they were innundated with more requests for help than they could have imagined or indeed could cope with. Because of this immediate response, a very real need for their services was exposed. This is the real power of a reliable internet presence; it's not just about selling, the internet is about access to information that in some instances can be life-changing.



Easy set-up and great support all the way. Thanks everyone at Gookin!


James Mortimer,
Owner JRM Services

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“ You took on a complex job and made it so easy for us. The site is always well-received by our customers and has helped get our artists some presigious assignments. A big thank you ”


Bernard Thornton,
Managing Director, BT Artists