How it Works - our website design service explained


By providing a website service that does not charge for design and construction, we have removed the heavy, often prohibitive costs normally associated with getting a website developed and online. Free design, free consultation and free construction allows you to get your organization online at absolutely NO COST. All you pay us is a small monthly fee to look after your site. It's perfect, simple, unbeleivably competitive and stress-free.

Step-by-Step - our website design process in stages


The first step is our collaborative consultations. We begin by sorting out a precise online strategy so that the website we develop works perfectly for your organization. We then produce a design for your approval. This design process may involve a few adjustments until you are perfectly happy with the outcome. The site is then launched and updated regularly as required according to a consensual schedule. Your first payment is received once we are appointed to design your site.

You and Us - evolve with your website designers


From the outset, a healthy partnership is established as we constantly collaborate to evolve your site. The long term success of any website relies on keeping the content updated and relevent. We are not in the business of taking a large fee to construct a site and then simply move on to the next job. Our business model is based on continuing relationships with our clients forming partnerships that work together.


Pricing: your low-cost website design


We can design, host and maintain your website from as little as £35 a month and provide a generous number of pages suited to your organization's needs. Some of our clients have extensive websites with varying functionality that has required a particularly bespoke approach. In all instances we discuss requirements and tailor the design, functionality and price to suit our client's requirements. Rather than provide an off-the-peg pricelist we feel it is far more accurate to discuss requirements before providing a reliable and therefore more economical quotation. With this model, we can provide a superb personal service for any budget.

Those who benefit most from our website design

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When we are able to provide a beautifully designed website and reduce our clients' costs, then it's everyone who benefits regardless of the size of the organization. In an incresingly tough economic climate, those who benefit most from our service are those who want to save money on their online exposure without compromising design, functionality and personal service. That accounts for just about every business large or small. We have assisted charities otherwise unable to afford an online presence, new start-ups, sole traders and small businesses around the UK.

The importance of using VIDEO on your site


Recent research suggests that in 2014, around 90% of all traffic will be video. Video search results have over 40% higher click rates than ordinary text options and video is over 50 times more likely to appear on Google search results than text results. Try to find a top retail organization that doesn't use video on their website! Site visitors are drawn towards video content rather than paid-for search results as it is a far more exciting prospect than reading text. We produce dynamic, bespoke video content specifically designed to engage with your website visitors.